Hidden Song of the Himalayas: Memoir of a Gospel Seed Sower in the Mountains of India.

“I read this book straight through almost without stopping. I laughed, I cried, I identified. Most of all, I rejoiced at the inspiring testimonies to the power of prayer, and to God’s amazing grace and faithfulness to transform.” –Kody J.

Hi! I’m Abigail Follows, Christian nonfiction author and gospel seed sower.

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Hidden Song of the Himalayas reads like a novel… Abigail creates a perceptive, intimate and richly authentic story that flows from her heart.”

– Mandy, blogger at Turquoise Avenue



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Quote from Hidden Song of the Himalayas:

“I felt a sisterhood with Mary, who had changed all her plans for God even when she had no idea what God was doing. Mary, who had to travel to Bethlehem while great with child. Mary, who had her baby in a dirty stable without her mother there to tell her it would be okay. She may not have understood why, but she was willing. Willing to obey God, willing bear the Light of the World ‘to the people who walk in darkness.’ Make me willing, God.” – Abigail Follows

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