Hidden Song of the Himalayas is a book about missions, yet it doesn’t seem to fit the stereotypes… (Abigail) offers not only a lucid description of what happened, but often— and even more engaging—a look into the deepest crevices of her heart.” Adventist Review

Praise for Hidden Song:

“Fast-paced and (as) thoroughly readable as a novel . . . a classic which shows not only how to do modern incarnational mission work, but how to live life wherever you are.”Maylan Schurch, author of The Sword of Denis Anwyck and co-author with Susi Hasel Mundy of A Thousand Shall Fall.

“This book is so well written. As someone who struggles with following Nonfiction and trying to concentrate and absorb everything, this one was a dream. I got sucked in as though it was a novel, in that I couldn’t put it down. I was fully aware that it was real life, but the author is a natural storyteller.” — Aryn the Librarian

“I read this book straight through almost without stopping. I laughed, I cried, I identified. Most of all, I rejoiced at the inspiring testimonies to the power of prayer, and to God’s amazing grace and faithfulness to transform… Hidden Song of the Himalayas is a work of art with a purpose of the highest order.” – Kody

“Memoirs are not usually my genre… But this one absolutely blew me away. Abigail is clearly a writer, and she has blessed us with her gift to tell, not her story per se, but the story of what God did among the Parvata people in India.” – Amanda

Accidents happen. But why was God letting this accident confuse the very people we were here to reach? Should I have said something else? 

I bowed my head. “God, this doesn’t make sense. I don’t have an answer for the Parvata or even for myself. I need Your help. Give me the peace that passes understanding. You promised.

I waited, eyes closed. The windshield wipers continued to swish. Slowly, my shoulder muscles released. The knot in my stomach unraveled. I didn’t know the reason or what would happen. But I had peace. A peace that makes no sense. 

Abigail Follows, Hidden Song of the Himalayas