The true, intimate account of a 21st-century missionary’s seven years in India.

“A profoundly honest and inspiring memoir of learning to rely on God through both amazing answers to prayer and in the midst of unanswerable questions.”

Have you ever heard God’s voice? What if you did?

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“As someone who has read a lot of missionary memoirs, I’m going to say this is one of the best I have read. It’s funny, honest, and deeply spiritual; fast-paced and well-written…. I laughed out loud and cried my eyes out–which is my idea of a good reading experience.If you’re a Jesus-follower (or even if you’re not!), a missionary or serving in the home field, you’ll be blessed by this book.”

Mercy Maude, a Reader

“God, in case you haven’t noticed… I would not make a good missionary! You have my permission to change my heart, but… good luck!”

Following God was the theme of every song Abigail wrote. In fact, it was her faith in God’s guidance that had once given her the courage to question her own religious beliefs. But asking others to question theirs? That was another story!

Yet God did change Abigail’s heart, and through a series of modern-day miracles, led her and her newlywed husband, Joshua, to India. They were the youngest church planters their mission organization had ever sent anywhere. And they went alone.

In India, Abigail repeated her plea for God to change her heart as she and her husband learned the language and culture of the Parvata people. They faced political, spiritual, and physical obstacles to their goal: to tell their high-caste Hindu friends about Jesus in a way they would understand.

But when Abigail was faced with the possibility of losing what was most important to her, like Abraham of old, she was forced to ask harder questions than she’d ever imagined.

“A compelling journey . . . searingly honest. (This book) invites us to reflect on God’s call. To what extent are we willing to sacrifice ourselves that others may receive the gift of salvation?”

Dr. Conrad Vine, President, Adventist Frontier Missions, Inc.

Praise for Hidden Song

 “…innovative, introspective, and enormously inspiring.”

–Bradley Booth, author of Showers of Grasshoppers

“Fast-paced and as thoroughly readable as a novel . . . a classic which shows not only how to do modern incarnational mission work, but how to live life wherever you are.”

–Maylan Schurch, author of The Sword of Denis Anwyck

“…a perceptive, intimate and richly authentic story that flows from (Abigail’s) heart.”

–Mandy, author of Turquoise Avenue blog

Meet Abby

Abigail Follows has lived on three continents and understood the life stories of friends in three languages. She has been a cross-cultural missionary since 2010. Abigail lives wherever God leads with her husband, two children, and cat, Protagonist. Hidden Song of the Himalayas is her first book.