Dear Friend,

Amen! With God, nothing is impossible, right?

When God called me to be a missionary overseas, “bring it on” was not exactly my first sentiment. But after following Him in this particular path for more than 11 years, I’m finally starting to feel that way.

I want to encourage you today to get on your knees and declare to God that you’re willing to follow Him wherever He leads.

Oh, and hold on.

I also want to testify that God can clearly, distinctly, firmly guide you in being a part of a plan that is much bigger than just your part in it. You will not always see the big picture, or understand the plan. But by obeying God, no matter what He asks, you will give Him the chance to change something in this messed up world.

Maybe that something will even be your own heart.

In fact, it probably will be. That is always where Jesus began during His earthly ministry–with the inner thoughts of individuals. Maybe that’s because there’s nothing more difficult or impossible than dying to yourself and letting God do a work in you.

I know from experience! I went to India hoping to bring my life-changing Jesus to people who had never heard His name. And praise God, He used this flawed person to speak His love and truth into people’s lives.

But by following God to India, I was forced to cling to my life-changing Jesus, forced to let Him change me, one trial, one difficulty, one miracle at a time. I was forced to learn to trust Him. Yes, even with that one thing (or those hundred things) that I was perfectly capable of handling by myself.

I’d love for my story to inspire you in your journey with Him. I’ve written a book about my seven years in India, called Hidden Song of the Himalayas. You can find it here, or sign up for my reader extras library below to read the first five chapters for free.

Go with God, my friend. And let me know how He leads!