Amen, and praise God! Thank you for sharing about your desire to tell people what God is doing in your life.

That’s exactly how I felt three years ago when I sat down to write a book about the seven years my family and I spent as missionaries in India. God had called me to do something impossible, and just like when He fed the 5,000, He used that request to prove He can do anything.

Giving a testimony, whether writing a paragraph or an entire book, telling a friend over the phone or your entire church congregation, is not easy. I knew how to share verbally–I majored in public speaking, so in college I had to prepare more speeches than reports—but writing an entire book seemed completely overwhelming. Besides needing to write while my kids slept, I also had a LOT to learn. Hence, it took me two years to write that book.

Do you want help sharing about something God did for you? Maybe you even have a lifetime of somethings to share. I’ve put together some printable worksheets just for people wanting to write their testimony, whether in one page or a whole book. You’ll find them in my reader extras library. You can also read the first five chapters of my memoir in the library. Just sign up in the PS to this letter.

Also–if you just want to tell somebody, I’d love to listen! You can write to me here, and tell me what God is doing in your life!

May you continue to see God’s real, true, dependable, mighty ways in your life.