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Official Stuff:

Abby’s Bio:

Abigail Follows has lived on three continents and understood the life stories of friends in three languages. She has been a cross-cultural missionary for 11 years. Abigail lives wherever God leads with her husband, two children, and cat, Protagonist. Hidden Song of the Himalayas is her first book. To learn more, visit

Synopsis of Hidden Song of the Himalayas:

Through a series of modern-day miracles, a young couple is led by God to the mountains of India to be missionaries. They learn the language and culture of the Parvata people and seek to be authentic members of their community. Their goal is to share their faith in a way people will truly understand–but political, social, and internal obstacles threaten to render their efforts useless. They get on their knees and pray for their new friends, clinging to the hope that God always keeps His promises, and His word does not return to Him empty.