Dear Friend,

Praise God for the eye in the center of the storm! Thank you so much for letting me know where you’re at. 

I hope you’ll let me speak to you a bit through this letter. 

Sometimes Jesus asked His disciples to come away with Him. To rest in His presence. To sit at His feet and listen.

You might be the kind of person who is always up for a new adventure… or maybe your life has been a quiet one. Either way, if God is asking you to rest in His presence, don’t fail to enter that rest! Thank God for it, and let Him draw you to Himself, if not by fire, then by a still, small voice.

There are so many ways God can use you in this season of peace. Here are a few ideas:

  • Be a stable presence for someone who is going through difficulties.
  • Be a prayer warrior for people who don’t know Jesus, or for the persecuted church.
  • Listen to God speak through His word

I also want to invite you to do one more thing… read true stories of what God is doing right now. There are so many inspiring Christian biographies out there! (Here’s a post I wrote up with some of my favorites.)

And… I’d like to humbly invite you to read my story. My family and I were missionaries in India for seven years. It was beautiful and difficult and miraculous and heartbreaking and amazing… a roller-coaster experience. But do you know who made the biggest difference in our ministry to our high-caste Hindu friends?

The people back home who were praying for us.

I knew most of them personally. Some were going through their own adventures. Others felt they weren’t doing many daring things for God. But those were the very people quietly waging war on their knees. Daily they asked God to send angelic backup to help us.

And God answered.

I would love for our story to encourage and inspire you. I hope it will be a reminder that your quiet prayers mean victory on a battlefield on the other side of the world.

You can click here to check out my book. Or sign up below for my reader extras library. There you can read the first five chapters for free, plus listen to some of the songs I wrote that are featured in the book.

May God speak to your heart during this time, and be your ever-present friend.